Can you add audio to procreate animation?

But I just wanted to ask when making an animation on the app can we put audio or music into the animation? Hey there! Audio is not an option in Procreate at this stage.

Can you add music to animation?

You can import audio clips or add new recordings to the animations. You can easily view the length of each audio track on the interface or move it to different parts of the animation. Touch gesture: Drag the one end of the audio bar to shorten the audio. The audio bar snaps to the indicator.

How do I import audio to animation desk?

How to Add Sounds to Your Animation

  1. Tap the “+” to add sound.
  2. Select the audio or music clip you want to use from iTunes. …
  3. In the editing mode, you can drag the ends of the audio track to edit the length of the audio track.

Which is the best free animation software?

Best free animation software by category

  • Best free 3D animation software (browser-based) …
  • DAZ Studio: Best free 3D animation software. …
  • OpenToonz: Best free 2D animation program for anime. …
  • Toontastic 3D: Best free 3D animation app for mobile. …
  • Stykz: Best free 2D animation software for stick figures.
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How do you add audio to CSP animation?


  1. 1Select the frame from which to start playing the audio file in the [Timeline] palette.
  2. 2Select the [File] menu > [Import] > [Audio]. In the dialog box that appears, select an audio file.
  3. 3An audio track will be created on the [Timeline] palette and the audio clip is created on the selected frame.

What is animation desk?

Animation Desk is an ideal app for creating pencil test animations and sketches. The app provides users with multiple export options. Export animations as Photoshop layers, PDF sheet, or Big size GIF. Users can continue edit the animation sequence across different Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

Is procreate animation good?

Procreate has some nice animation tools that you can use to make simple or even complex animations. The most significant tool is Procreate Animation Assist and within that tool, there are other tools you can use to aid in your animating. Procreate’s Animation Assist allows you to create animations in an easy way.

What animation does Disney use?

What animation software do Walt Disney Studios use? Recent characters are mostly modeled and rigged using Autodesk Maya. Disney also uses Pixologic Zbrush for sculpting and Houdini for effects. Pixar’s Presto is the leading animation software, and Disney’s Hyperion is used to render the final shot.

How do I animate on procreate?

Simply go to the wrench icon in the top left corner, click on “canvas,” and then toggle on the Animation Assist feature. This will bring up a new animation toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Toggle the Animation Assist feature under the canvas settings in the actions menu of Procreate.

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Is clip studio good for animation?

Clip Studio Paint is a top-notch program with a wide variety of features and easy, convenient customization to make it fit your needs and style. I especially love the easy-to-manage animation timeline, rulers, abundant collection of assets, and how it doesn’t stress out my computer.

How do you animate audio?

Split or loop a sound on timeline

  1. Select File > Import > Import to library.
  2. Select the audio clip and import it to library.
  3. Create a new layer on your timeline and add the audio clip to the layer.
  4. Under Properties > Sound, select the Effect.
  5. Select the Sync type as Stream.