Can you copy and paste in procreate?

Can you Copy and paste text in Procreate?

Tap and hold on the text layer and choose ‘Copy’ for the menu pop up. Go back to your document in Procreate (or set up a new canvas if you haven’t already). Use 3 fingers to swipe down on the canvas in a quick motion. You’ll see a menu pop up – choose paste to insert your text!

How do I copy and paste in Procreate?

Copying and Pasting a Single Element in Procreate

  1. Click the selection tool in your dashboard. It’s the 3rd one that looks like an “S.” …
  2. Choose the Freehand option and draw your selection around the element you want to copy and paste. …
  3. Choose the “Copy & Paste” button.
  4. Move your copied and pasted element, as needed.

Can you import text into Procreate?

Open Procreate. Click the Actions menu icon, Add, then Add text. Once you have typed out your text, click Edit Style. Click Import Font.

How do you duplicate layers in Procreate?

Let’s get started!

  1. Go to the Layers Panel. This is can be accessed by tapping the icon at the top left of your Procreate toolbar that looks like two squares stacked on top of each other. …
  2. Tap on a Layer to select it. …
  3. Swipe left on the layer. …
  4. Tap ‘Duplicate’ to duplicate layers.
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How do you duplicate frames in Procreate?

Tap a frame to select it, and tap it again to open Frame Options. Tap Duplicate to create a copy of your selected frame beside it in the Timeline.

How do I move text in Procreate?

Move Text. Move your Text and resize the bounding box around it. To move your Text, drag the active bounding box around the canvas.

How do you curve text in Procreate?

To curve text in Procreate with the warp tool, make sure that all of your text layers are selected. Click the Transform tool tab and choose the Warp option. Pull the ends of your text down and push the middle up. Keep doing this until you get the curve you’re looking for.

Can you use Procreate fonts for commercial use?

Are Procreate Fonts Free For Commercial Use? Yes, the fonts supplied with Procreate are free for commercial use and you are free to use any of the pre-installed Fonts included in the app for your commercial work.