Frequent question: Can you combine projects in procreate?

Can you merge two Procreate files?

The Procreate combine down setting will put your layers into a group, with each of the layers still separate from the others. The Procreate merge down setting will fuse your layers together, turning multiple layers into one layer.

How do I combine two images in Procreate?

Drag and Drop Images from Photos

Tap on a photo to pick it up, and drag it into Procreate. Once you’ve picked up one photo, tap other photos to add them to the stack so you can drag them all in at once.

What is stacking in Procreate?

Stacks. Group your artwork into Stacks to keep your Gallery sorted, clean, and easy to navigate. Stacks looks like a pile of layered thumbnails.

Can I unstack in Procreate?

Tap and Hold Canvas you want to Unstack and move it to the left. Keep holding down on that canvas. It’s very important to not let go or you’ll have to start the whole process over again. Make sure to move the canvas a little to the left or the right with your finger so Procreate knows you are trying to move it.

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