Frequent question: How do you rotate Alpha in a substance painter?

How do you rotate a brush in paint?

Move the Angle slider to the right to rotate the dab counterclockwise. Move the slider to the left to rotate the brush clockwise.

To set brush shape
To set brush angle increment

Is there an eraser in substance painter?

The Eraser is a paint tool that erase/hide what has been painted previously by other tools. This tool only affect one layer at a time. The Eraser share common parameters and behaviors with the Paint tool. To know more about the brush, alpha and stencil controls take a look at the Paint tool page.

How do you turn on symmetry on a substance painter?

Symmetry can be enabled by clicking on the Symmetry button in the Contextual Toolbar. Symmetry is only available when using a Painting Tool.

How do you reset the brush on a substance painter?

In both cases (managing fill layers or switching to the eraser and back) the settings of your brush are kept. The only way your settings could be reset is if you click on another brush in the brush shelf, the same way brushes settings behave in Photoshop.

How do I open paint properties in substance painter?

The Properties window is where the tool and brush parameters as well as the layer properties can be modified. The Properties window can be accessed by using the Dock Toolbar or by simply right-clicking in the Viewport menu.

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