How do I add assets to clip studio paint?

How do I download additional materials in clip studio paint?

In order to download every additional material, click the gear icon in the top right of CLIP STUDIO and select [Download additional material now]. Note: As large amount of data will be transferred, it may take a long time to download every material depending on your network environment.

How do I import textures into Clip Studio?

Clip Studio Paint has a lot of texture materials. You can find them in [Window > Material > Monochromatic pattern] Just drag the material to the canvas to apply the texture and it will appear at the top of all the layers. You can also rotate the material from the [Tool Property] palette.

How do I register materials in clip studio paint?

Registering a Material from the Canvas

Click [Palette menu] on the Material palette, and select [Register image as Material]. You can also select command from [Edit] menu > [Register Material] > [Image]. The [Material property] dialog box will open. Configure the settings for the material on the dialog box.

How do I use downloaded assets in Clip Studio paint?


  1. Select the Material palette from the palette bar, and tap the “Save folder for materials” icon.
  2. In the “Save folder for materials” dialog, select the Download folder and tap OK.
  3. From the list of downloaded materials, select the material you want to import.
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Where are CSP assets stored?

Storage location of “Clip Studio Series Materials”

Downloaded “Clip Studio Series Materials” are stored within Clip Studio on the [Manage Materials] screen. They are also stored in the “Download” folder of the [Materials] palette in Clip Studio Series software.