How do I move a text box in procreate?

Move Text. Move your Text and resize the bounding box around it. To move your Text, drag the active bounding box around the canvas.

How do you manipulate text in procreate?

Once you’ve typed out a phrase, select the Edit Style button within the keyboard. This brings up the text editing menu, where you can change the font, style, design, and attributes. Procreate comes equipped with a library of default typefaces in the Font section, but you can also import fonts from other sources.

How do I move layers in Procreate?

To Move a Layer, Tap and Hold, and then Drag the Layer to the desired order.

How do you cut something in Procreate?

To cut in Procreate, make sure that your desired layer is highlighted, or you’ve used the select tool to select your desired elements. Swipe up with 3 fingers to access the copy and paste menu and click Cut. You can also click on the wrench to open the Actions tab and click the Cut button there.

How do you bend text in Procreate?

To curve text in Procreate with the warp tool, make sure that all of your text layers are selected. Click the Transform tool tab and choose the Warp option. Pull the ends of your text down and push the middle up. Keep doing this until you get the curve you’re looking for.

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How do I align text in Procreate?

To align your objects in Procreate, click on the Transform tool and choose the Snapping option. Click the toggle to turn on the Snapping setting and make sure that the sliders for Distance and Velocity are used. Move your object around and it will align with the other objects in your Procreate art.

How do I move text without resizing in Procreate?

If you want to just move the entire contents of the layer then skip to step 4.

  1. Tap on letter ‘S’ This is the selection tool. …
  2. Tap on ‘Freehand’ category. …
  3. Circle the objects you want to move. …
  4. Tap the Mouse icon. …
  5. Move your objects around with Apple Pencil. …
  6. Tap the Mouse icon to save changes.

How do I drag an image into procreate?

Drag and Drop Images from Photos

Tap on a photo to pick it up, and drag it into Procreate. Once you’ve picked up one photo, tap other photos to add them to the stack so you can drag them all in at once.

How do I fill a place in procreate?

Draw an outline around the area you want to fill, making sure the shape is completely closed with no gaps. Drag the color circle from the top menu within the shape to fill the area. You may want to go back over the area with a textured brush and roughen the edges or add some grain.

Where is rasterize in procreate?

To rasterize your text, tap the Text layer in the Layers palette. This invokes the Layer Options menu, where you can tap Rasterize.

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How do you Auto Select in procreate?

Select sections of your artwork in an instant. Tap the Selection button to bring up the Selection toolbar. Tap Automatic. Now you can tap other areas on your canvas and Automatic mode will add them to your selection.

What is rasterize in procreate?

Rasterize it into a pixel-based image to create more complex effects. Vector Text can resize up and down without loss of quality. … To use certain Procreate tools, you must rasterize your Text. Rasterizing turns text into pixel data that you can paint, distort, merge and more.