How do I upload procreate art to Instagram?

In order to be able to publish your work from Procreate to Instagram, head to “Actions” and “Share”. From there, you can export your work in different formats. The most important formats for sharing your work on social media are JPG and PNG.

How do you share artwork on Procreate?

To share Procreate images with layers, you’ll need to export your art as a Procreate file, PNG files, a or PDF. Click on the share button and choose either of these options. Next, choose your desired sharing option that will support either Procreate files or PDFs.

How should I post my art on Instagram?

How to Snap Your Way to Art Success on Instagram

  1. Make Your Account a Work of Art. Decide early on what your Instagram is going to look like and stick to it. …
  2. Post With Purpose. …
  3. Add a Bio With Panache. …
  4. Share a Post Everyday. …
  5. Embrace the True Blue. …
  6. Let in the Light. …
  7. Movement Matters More. …
  8. Hashtag With Precision.

Can you post digital art on Instagram?

One way is by emailing your compressed digital art (JPEG file) as an attachment. Most people have emails and all you need to do is email the file to yourself. As long as you have email on your phone, you can then download that attachment and you will have it on your phone to upload it to your Instagram account.

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What is the best picture resolution for Instagram?

The best Instagram image size for posts are:

  • 1080px by 1080px (Square)
  • 1080px by 1350px (Portrait) and.
  • 1080px by 608px (Landscape).

How do I export an image from illustrator?

Go to File > Export > Export As. Type in a filename and set Format to JPEG. Set how you want to save your artboards, then hit Export to continue. On the JPEG Options screen change the Color Model if you need to, and choose a quality.

How do I export an image from Procreate?

To export Procreate files, click on the wrench to open the Actions panel. Click on the Share tab. Choose whether you want to export your work in the following formats: Procreate file, PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. You can also choose to export your work as an animation.

Can you send a Procreate file?

Export your artwork to the native . Tap Actions > Share > Procreate, then select a destination for your file. …

Can you share Procreate files?

Procreate is a shareable app. Technically, under Apple iCloud’s Family Sharing plan, users can successfully download applications bought by one device with other devices within the same iCloud. You only need to enable Family Sharing to start swapping and downloading apps.

Should I DM my art on Instagram?

Contribute a meaningful comment, or send a DM (direct message) if appropriate, and do so when you genuinely enjoy the content, or you want to spark conversation. Definitely don’t try to sell your work on other accounts’ gallery pages.

Is Instagram bad for artists?

As you know, Instagram is a primarily visual platform which means it could be absolutely perfect for you. It allows your art and imagery to show through in their purest forms. … Instagram is built to let you craft a socially-engaging gallery of your art so people can follow along.

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Why is my art so blurry on Instagram?

If you’re wondering how to fix blurry Instagram photos, join the club. … There are two reasons that your photos look blurry on Instagram: If your aspect ratio isn’t correct, then Instagram will crop it and compress your image. If your file size is over 1MB, then again, Instagram will compress it.