How do u liquify on procreate?

Tap Adjustments > Liquify to enter the Liquify interface. Rather than using a simple drag motion to apply effects, Liquify works like a brush. Liquify lets you ‘paint’ your effects onto the canvas using your finger or the Apple Pencil.

Is there liquify on procreate pocket?

Procreate Pocket 3 boasts liquify, text and more in its latest update. For precision adjustments, Warp and Distort apply up to 16 nodes to any given part of the canvas, allowing artists to wrap, fold, and curve their artwork.

What do you do after you liquify on procreate?

Once you’ve made changes with Liquify, the Adjust and Reset buttons become available. Tap Adjust to reveal the Amount slider. Drag it to the left to reduce the strength of the effect you’ve applied. Tap Reset to undo your changes and remain in the Liquify interface.

How do you slant text in Procreate?

How to get perfect angled lettering:

  1. Letter your word normally on a straight line (I recommend using actual drawn guidelines for the baseline, x-height if using lowercase, and cap height).
  2. Tap the Move tool (the cursor/arrow) and select “Distort” from the options at the bottom.

Does Procreate save your art?

Procreate autosaves your work as you go. Everytime you lift your stylus or finger, the Procreate app registers the change and saves it. If you click back to your gallery and back to your design, you’ll see that your work is current and up to date.

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Is using Procreate hard?

Procreate IS great for beginners, but it’s even more great with a strong foundation. If you don’t you could end up really frustrated. Whether you’re just learning the basics of art, or you’ve been an artist for many years, learning a new type of software can be challenging.