How do you add a border in clip studio paint?

How do you create a frame in clip studio paint?

Creating a New Frame Folder

Select [Layer] menu > [New Layer] > [Frame Border folder] to show the [New frame folder] dialog box. Set the items in the [New frame folder] dialog box and click [OK]. This creates a new frame folder on the Layer palette with a line drawn on the canvas.

How do you outline a CSP?

1Create a selection with the [Selection] Tool. 2Select the color you want to use for the edge from the [Color Wheel] palette. 3On the [Layer] palette, select the layer where you want to add the outline. 4Then, select the [Edit] menu > [Outline Selection] to open the [Outline Selection] dialog box.

How do I change the border color in clip studio paint?

Set the [Expression color of border] on the Layer Property palette to [Color]. Clicking the [Main color] color icon on the Tool Property palette opens the [Color settings] dialog box. Selecting a color from the [Color Settings] dialog box changes the color of a comic frame’s line.

How do you add shadows in clip studio paint?

1Select a slightly darker shade of pink on the [Color Wheel] palette. 2Click to fill the tufts of hair on which to add shadow. 3To fill an area without the necessary border lines, either color the area directly using the pen tool or draw a border line before using the [Fill] tool to add shadow to the area.

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Where is Layer Properties clip studio?

The Layer Property palette is shown above the Layer palette in the default interface layout. If you cannot find the Layer Property palette, it can be restored by going to the File Menu and clicking on Window – Layer Property.

How do I see layer properties in clip studio?

To display the [Layer Property] palette again, select the [Window] menu > [Layer Property].

What is rasterize in clip studio paint?

When you rasterize a frame border folders, a raster layer with border lines and a layer folder containing masks in the shape of the frames will be created. … · Selecting [Rasterize] on a raster layer with layer effects added will convert the layer to a raster layer with the layer effects applied.