How do you copy a mask in substance painter?

You can copy the content of a mask to an other mask by doing Right click > Copy mask content over the thumbnail and then doing Right-click > Paste into mask on the thumbnail of the second mask. You can invert the background of the mask by doing Right-click > Invert mask background.

How do I import a mask into substance painter?

Adding a Smart Mask

  1. To add a Smart Masks, simply drag and drop one from the Shelf onto the target layer :
  2. Drag and dropping multiple Smart Masks will accumulate them :
  3. It is possible however to replace the whole effect stack by pressing CTRL during the drag and drop :

How do you paste a layer in substance painter?

Select any existing layer. Copy the layer (CTRL+V) Paste it as an instance (use CTRL+SHIFT+V or right-click to open the context menu and choose Paste as instance)

How do you copy materials in a substance painter?

To duplicate a substance, right-click on the substance item and choose duplicate. The substance and the outputs will be duplicated.

How do you copy cut or paste a mask?

With your layer mask selected, hold Option + Drag Mouse (Mac) or Alt + Drag Mouse (PC) to duplicate the layer mask. Drag it over the desired layer where you want to copy the layer mask. Let go to place the paste the layer mask on the other layer. Now you’ll be left with a duplicate copy of the original layer mask.

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How do I convert a shape to a mask in After Effects?

Drawing with the Shape Tool in After Effects

To create a mask or shape, click on the Shape Tool (default is a rectangle). You can switch between the Tool options by using the shortcut Q. Click and drag in the Composition to draw a mask or shape. To move the shape before you let go of the mask, hold the space bar.

How do you copy and paste a composition in After Effects?

1 Correct answer. As Andrew said, select a comp in the Project Panel, not in the timeline, and press Ctrl/Cmnd + D. You’ll get a new comp with a number or copy added to the name. This comp is completely independent of the original one but it contains all of the same footage.