How do you flip a stencil in a substance painter?

How do you rotate a stencil in a substance painter?

Use S + Left Mouse click to rotate the stencil.

How do you invert a brush in substance painter?

Pressing X allows to invert the brush color when painting on a mask.

How do you use a quick mask substance painter?

Quick masking allows you to mask parts of your mesh you don’t want to paint on.

  1. Hit Y to switch to quick mask edit mode, this will allow you to paint a temporary mask.
  2. Hit U again to switch back to your previous tool and paint across that mask.
  3. Hit Y to reset/disable the mask.

How do you use the Clone tool on a substance painter?

Clone Tool

  1. Select the source location by placing the mouse on the model and pressing the ” V ” key.
  2. Then placing the mouse where the duplicated area will appear and start painting.

How do you invert a mask of a substance?

You can invert the background of the mask by doing Right-click > Invert mask background. This is useful if you want to avoid destroying the effects attached to a mask.

How do I turn on my lazy mouse substance painter?

The Lazy Mouse is a distance offset between the mouse cursor and the actual painting which allows to paint more precise or smooth strokes. It can be enabled via the contextual toolbar.

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How do you change hotkeys in substance painter?

Click on the “pen” icon next to a shortcut to edit it and enter the new combination. Pressing the last key will automatically exit the edit mode and change the shortcut.