Quick Answer: Can you curve an image in procreate?

Is there a warp tool in procreate?

Move the Warp mesh to wrap and fold your content. Tap the Warp button in the Transform toolbar. The bounding box in Warp mode has a solid border rather than the moving dashes of the other modes. Inside this bounding box you’ll see the Warp mesh – a grid that overlays your content like a net.

Can you bend text in procreate?

To curve text in Procreate with the warp tool, make sure that all of your text layers are selected. Click the Transform tool tab and choose the Warp option. Pull the ends of your text down and push the middle up. Keep doing this until you get the curve you’re looking for.

How do I make curved text?

Create curved or circular WordArt

  1. Go to Insert > WordArt.
  2. Pick the WordArt style you want.
  3. Type your text.
  4. Select the WordArt.
  5. Go to Shape Format > Text Effects > Transform and pick the effect you want.

How do you straighten a canvas in Procreate?

Do a Quick Pinch to Fit Your Art in the Screen

To fit your canvas on your screen, you need to pinch your fingers quickly together on your screen. If you decide you want to go back to where your canvas was, just quickly pinch your fingers apart to return to the original position.

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How do I resize an object in Procreate?

How to Resize in Procreate. To resize your artwork in Procreate, click on the wrench to open the Actions tab, and click on the Crop and Resize button. Open the settings and toggle on the Resample Canvas button. Enter one of your desired dimensions and Procreate will automatically adjust the other.

Why are my lines so shaky in procreate?

Click the Monoline brush name, and you will see the streamline option. If you draw a squiggly line without the streamline on, the line will appear shaky and uneven. If you turn on the streamline option, as you’re drawing the squiggly line, the line will appear to be dragging behind the Apple pencil and come out smooth.