Where are the stamps in procreate?

The imported Procreate stamps can now be found in your Brush Library.

Does procreate have a stamp tool?

Open up the Procreate app and create a SQUARE document. Turn on the canvas grid to help draw in straight or even lines. Draw the shape, word, or image you want to use to create a new stamp brush. … Then click on the layers tab, tap the layer image (the little thumbnail) and choose “select”.

How do you make a stamp brush in procreate 2021?

How to Make a Stamp Brush in Procreate

  1. Make a new square document.
  2. Draw your design.
  3. In the actions panel (wrench in top left corner), click copy canvas.
  4. Start a new brush.
  5. Open the shape editor and click paste shape.
  6. Use a two-finger tap the image to invert the colors.

How do I add text in procreate?

Add Text. Add Text to your document with a tap. Tap Actions > Add > Add Text. A bounding box containing the word Text will appear on your canvas.

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