Your question: Do I need a stylus for procreate?

You do not need a stylus to use Procreate. You can use your finger to draw with Procreate because the brush weight is determined within the program and not by the size of the stylus.

What kind of pen do you need for Procreate?

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) is essential equipment for using Procreate on the two new iPad Pros. Apple Pencil 2 will not pair with any iPads other than the two new Pro models.

Do I need a stylus to draw on iPad?

But to create precise, quality work, most artists agree it’s best to use a stylus, and with styli becoming even more pressure sensitive and responsive, it’s probably the closest you’ll get to traditional drawing on your iPad. But don’t think that using an iPad limits you to an Apple Pencil.

Can I use finger instead of Apple Pencil?

You can draw in a document with Apple Pencil (on supported devices), or with your finger. … To use your finger, or if you’ve turned on Select and Scroll, tap the Insert button , tap the Media button , then tap Drawing.

Do you need an Apple Pencil to use Procreate pocket?

In addition to an iPhone though, you’ll probably want a stylus to use with Procreate Pocket. While you can draw with your finger on Procreate Pocket, many people prefer to draw with styluses. Unlike the iPad version of Procreate, you cannot use an Apple Pencil.

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Can you use a regular stylus for Procreate?

You can use any capacitive or magnetic field passive stylus with Procreate, without the need for a Bluetooth connection. Procreate Pocket doesn’t support third-party styli on iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, or on any iPhone 12 models due to their OLED screen technology.

Is Procreate only for IPAD?

Unfortunately, Procreate is available only for iDevices like iPad and iPhone. But bother not, we have rounded up the 12 best Procreate alternatives for Android so that you can craft amazing designs on your Android device as well.