Can I make a timelapse in Lightroom?

If you remember that video is just a lot of still images playing at a fast rate, it’s easy to imagine they could be done on any digital camera. That’s actually the truth. You can make a time-lapse video using your camera, possibly with little to no accessories even, using just Lightroom to built it.

Can you make a timelapse in Lightroom CC?

You have to download the Lightroom Timelapse Preset in order to proceed with the process, do not worry there is no virus or form that you have to fill in order to download the file. … So once the presets are installed in Lightroom, click on the preset depending on the FPS that you had shot the time-lapse photos in.

Is Lightroom Timelapse free?

LRTimelapse 5 will run as free evaluation version with limited features until you buy a license. Please check our shop for information about licensing. LRTimelapse requires Lightroom Classic or the older Lightroom 6.

Is LR Timelapse worth it?

The amount of time saved by using LRTimelapse makes it worth the investment. It may not be the most intuitive or the easiest software to learn, but for creating professional quality “Holy Grail” timelapse videos, it is a necessity.

How do I make a timelapse photo?

How to capture a time lapse using a DSLR Camera

  1. Start with a stable tripod or surface. …
  2. Use still photo mode on your DSLR. …
  3. Use slower shutter speed. …
  4. Use a timer. …
  5. Import and stitch together. …
  6. Find a stable surface. …
  7. Select video mode on your DSLR. …
  8. Slow your shutter speed.
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How do I get LRTimelapse?


  1. Make sure to have installed Lightroom Classic. Close it, if it’s running.
  2. Install LRTimelapse via the provided installer, this will install LRTimelapse and all needed Lightroom Addons automatically.
  3. Download and install the latest Adobe DNG Converter.