Frequent question: How do you edit and reshape a path in Illustrator?

Select the Direct Selection tool and click within two pixels of the segment, or drag a marquee over part of the segment. Shift-click or Shift-drag around additional path segments to select them. Select the Lasso tool and drag around part of the path segment. Shift-drag around additional path segments to select them.

How do you reshape in Illustrator?

The Reshape tool

  1. Select just the anchor points on the paths that you want to reshape. …
  2. Select the Reshape tool (hidden under the Scale tool) and position the cursor over the anchor point you want to modify; click the anchor point. …
  3. Shift-click more anchor points or path segments to act as selection points.

Which tool should you use to modify the shape of a path?

Do one of the following: To select a path component (including a shape in a shape layer), select the Path Selection tool , and click anywhere inside the path component. If a path consists of several path components, only the path component under the pointer is selected.

How do you change the rotation in Illustrator?

Do one of the following:

  1. To rotate around a different reference point, select the Rotate tool. Then Alt‑click (Windows) or Option‑click (Mac OS) where you want the reference point to be in the document window.
  2. To rotate around the center point, choose Object > Transform > Rotate, or double-click the Rotate tool.
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How do I cut a path in Illustrator?


  1. Click and hold the Eraser ( ) tool to see and choose the Scissors ( ) tool.
  2. Click the path where you want to split it. When you split the path, two endpoints are created. …
  3. Select the anchor point or the path cut in the previous step using the Direct Selection ( ) tool to modify the object.

What are some ways to change the shape of a curved path segment?

There are two ways to reshape a curved segment. The first technique just shrinks or stretches the curve, without reshaping the segments either side of it. The second technique involves altering the direction lines at an anchor point to change the shape of the segments on either side of the point.

What is Path Tool?

The Paths tool allows to create complex selections called Bézier Curves, a bit like Lasso but with all the adaptability of vectorial curves. You can edit your curve, you can paint with your curve, or even save, import, and export the curve. You can also use paths to create geometrical figures.

What is the path eraser tool?

The Path Eraser tool lets you erase parts of a path by drawing along the path. This tool is useful when you want to limit what you erase to a path segment, such as one edge of a triangle. The Eraser tool and the eraser on a Wacom stylus pen let you erase any area of your artwork, regardless of structure.

How do you edit an object in Illustrator?

Click the Group button in the Properties panel to group selected objects together. Drag a corner of the group to resize all objects together. Click the Selection tool and double-click a group to edit the individual objects. Press Escape to stop editing and regroup the objects.

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