How do I change the startup screen in Photoshop?

How do I fix my Photoshop Home Screen?

Go to Edit (Windows) / Photoshop (macOS) > Preferences > General. In the Preferences dialog, select the Use Legacy New Document Dialog and deselect the Auto-Show the Home Screen option.

How do I get rid of the Home Screen in Photoshop 2020?

Edit – Preferences – General – Uncheck “auto show homescreen” – Then reset preferences on quit – Ok – prompt – ok – then “cancel” out of hereThen Ctr N and create a new canvas. Then close everything down. Reopen Photoshop and hopefully like me, it will finally be gone Hope this helps someone out there.

How do I change Page Setup in Photoshop?

1 Choose File > Print and click on the Page Setup button at the bottom of the window. The Page Setup dialog box lets you change settings for printing. 2 If you work on a Windows computer, when the Page Setup dialog box opens, press the Printer button and select a printer from the Name drop-down menu.

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What opens first when you launch the Photoshop software?

When you launch Photoshop, the Home screen appears, which includes the following: Information about new features.

How do I disable my home screen?


  1. Long press (3 seconds) an empty part of the home screen.
  2. Tap Home Screen Settings.
  3. Toggle Lock Home Screen Layout off/on.

Why is my Photoshop just black?

Why is Photoshop showing a black screen (or locking up)?

Go to the “Edit” menu. Choose “Preferences”, then “Performance” Uncheck “Use Graphics Processor”

Why is my Photoshop loading?

This issue is caused by corrupt color profiles or really large preset files. To resolve this issue, update Photoshop to the latest version. If updating Photoshop to the latest version doesn’t solve the problem, try removing the custom preset files. … Tweak your Photoshop performance preferences.

Where is the Start menu in Photoshop?

Going to Edit (Win) / Photoshop CC (Mac) > Preferences > General. Use the ‘Show “START” Workspace When No Documents Are Open option’ to enable or disable the Start screen.

How do I turn off splash screen in Photoshop?

In Photoshop 2020 the home workspace can not be disabled that preferences was removed, However, there is an Photoshop Preference option to Auto show it. you can uncheck . However it can be toggled on with the Home Icon on the tool option bar. If you do toggle it on remembers to toggle it back off.

How do I change the orientation of a photo in Photoshop?

With your image open in Photoshop, select the Crop Tool by pressing C, then click on your image to activate the crop adjustment. You can then press X to switch your crop orientation from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. Click and drag to reposition the framing, and your photo will be changed to a new orientation.

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How do I change project settings in Photoshop?

Choose File > New > Project. In the New Project dialog box, click Change Settings. Select the preset that matches the format and standard of the footage you want to edit. Click OK.

What is the best resolution setting in Photoshop?

The generally accepted value is 300 pixels/inch. Printing an image at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch squeezes the pixels in close enough together to keep everything looking sharp. In fact, 300 is usually a bit more than you need.