How do I illustrate a word?

What does illustrate your word mean?

To provide (a text) with explanatory or decorative images. … To provide a book or other publication with pictures, diagrams or other explanatory or decorative features. verb. Illustrate is defined as to make clear or to tell a story using drawings, pictures, examples or comparisons.

How do you illustrate something?

To illustrate is to make something more clear or visible. Children’s books are illustrated with pictures. An example can illustrate an abstract idea. The word illustrate comes from the Latin illustrare ‘to light up or enlighten.

What does it mean to illustrate the text?

For the purposes of this discussion the words “illustrations” and “illustrate” refer to providing supplementary material to text. It might take the form of a static image, an audio clip, a movie, an animation, or some other type of resource that is not text.

What type of word is illustration?

something that illustrates, as a picture in a book or magazine. a comparison or an example intended for explanation or corroboration. the act or process of illuminating.

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What is an illustrated example?

Something illustrative means it is a telling example of something else. Within this word, you see illustrate which means to make something clear by using pictures or examples. Something is illustrative when it paints a perfect picture of a subject.

What is an example of illustrate in a sentence?

This diagram will illustrate what I mean. … She decides to use charts and diagrams to illustrate. 12. The following tale will clearly illustrate this point.

What does illustration mean in a book?

English Language Learners Definition of illustration

: a picture or drawing in a book, magazine, etc. : an example or story that is used to make something easier to understand. : the act or process of producing or providing pictures for a book, magazine, etc.

What does it mean to illustrate a scene?

“Illustrate” means to come up a real world event or scenario that fulfills a dramatic function in your story. The encoding stage of story creation has nothing to do with the actual writing that will become a part of a screenplay, novel, or whatever.

How did the illustration help you to understand the words of the text?

When reading fiction texts, illustrations can help readers to visualize the people, places, and events in the story. Not only do the illustrations help readers see what the words describe, but they can also help readers understand the words themselves. … The illustration can help answer those questions.

How do you illustrate a story?

How to tell a story with your illustrations

  1. Decide on your story. Ascertain what the mood is in your story. …
  2. Create character poses. Study your subject to get to know what they are like. …
  3. Keep sketches loose. …
  4. Consider movement. …
  5. Check your shapes. …
  6. Do warm-up studies. …
  7. Be expressive. …
  8. Show weight.
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How do teachers use illustrations?

Illustrations prove valuable in teaching abstract information by providing spatial metaphors for logical structure. Using space, lines, boxes, arrows, color, and the relative distance between elements, an illustration can provide a concrete equivalent of abstract ideas.

What is the noun for illustrate?

illustration. The act of illustrating; the act of making clear and distinct; education; also, the state of being illustrated, or of being made clear and distinct. That which illustrates; a comparison or example intended to make clear or apprehensible, or to remove obscurity.

What does an illustrator do?

An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea.

What is the adverb for illustrate?

In an illustrative manner.