How do I post from Lightroom to Facebook?

Can I upload from Lightroom to Facebook?

Lightroom Classic uploads everything in both queues when you publish a collection. To publish to Facebook, do one of the following: Select a Facebook collection in the Publish Services panel and click Publish. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) a Facebook collection and choose Publish Now.

How do I connect my Lightroom to Facebook?

In the Publish Services panel on the left side of the Library module, click the Facebook connection Set Up button. In the Lightroom Classic Publishing Manager dialog box, look under Facebook Account and click Authorize On Facebook. Follow the prompts to allow Facebook to communicate with Lightroom Classic.

How do I share a Lightroom album on Facebook?

Beginner Lightroom Tip: How to Upload to Facebook

  1. –Select Facebook in the Publish Services menu. …
  2. –Add a clever description. …
  3. –Select an album or post to your Timeline. …
  4. –Add your watermark. …
  5. –Drag the image to your folder.

How do I upload high quality photos to Facebook from Lightroom?

On the left-hand side of Lightroom, you’ll see under Publish Services there is a tab for Facebook. Click the Facebook tab, and follow the prompts to link Lightroom to your Facebook account. Under File Settings, set your image format to JPEG, Quality between 80-100.

How do I share photos from Lightroom?

Select a photo in Lightroom on your mobile device and tap the Share icon in the upper right. Then choose from the different options to Share, Get a Link, Invite People, or tap Open in… to share to an app such as Facebook or Instagram. If you want to save a copy to your mobile device, choose Export to Camera Roll.

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What size should I Export from Lightroom to Facebook?

Facebook’s sizing guidelines suggest you use the following image resolution sizes: Regular photos: 720px, 960px or 2048px wide. Cover photos: 851px by 315px. To avoid compression when uploading your cover photo, keep the file size under 100KB.