How do you make something grainy in Illustrator?

The Grain effect in Illustrator can add a cool texture to your vector illustration, especially used with the Gradient tool. Select the shape, hit Command + C to copy, then hit Command + F to paste in front. Then go to Effect > Texture > Grain.

How do you add a grainy effect in Illustrator?

Apply a grain effect

For that, go to the Appearance panel again and with the gradient Fill layer selected, click the fx icon at the bottom of the panel. Choose Texture > Grain and adjust the grain in the new opened workspace.

How do you make an airbrush effect in Illustrator?

Click “Effect” from the main options and then select “Stylize” and “Feather.” Set the feather radius to 15 point. The stroke produces a fuzzy, airbrush effect.

How do I use textures in Illustrator?

Select the Background and bring up the Texture panel by choosing Window > Astute Graphics > Texture. Click on the panel to activate it. You can browse textures by category. Choose Polycotton Texture from the Fabrics category and click the big Plus icon in the panel to apply it to the background, simulating a T-shirt.

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