What is a gimp insult?

/ (ɡɪmp) / noun. US and Canadian offensive, slang a physically disabled person, esp one who is lame. slang a sexual fetishist who likes to be dominated and who dresses in a leather or rubber body suit with mask, zips, and chains.

What is a gimp British slang?

gimp in British English

(ɡɪmp ) noun slang. 1. US and Canadian offensive. a physically disabled person, esp one who has difficulty walking.

What does gimp mean in Scottish?

Gimp, Gymp, n. [Var. of Jimp n.] A subtle or trifling point; a quirk. — Henr.

Why is it called a gimp?

Originally the term referred to a thread with a cord or wire in the center, but now is mainly used for a trimming braided or twisted from this thread. … Gimp trim was then sewn down to form designs. The name “gimp” has also been applied to the plastic thread used in the knotting and plaiting craft scoubidou.

Is gimpy a bad word?

Gimpy is a derogatory descriptor of someone who has a limp. It may also refer to: A person’s nickname: Lloyd Brown (baseball) (1904-1974), American Major League Baseball pitcher.

What does gimp mean in Smash?

A gimp is the action of KOing a recovering opponent by interrupting their recovery, often with a rather weak attack that would not KO the opponent otherwise.

What is the Gimp in Pulp Fiction?

His brief moment in the 1994 film arrives after Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) and Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) get captured by the owner and security guard of a pawn shop after their fight spills into their place of occupation. The Gimp is revealed to be a prisoner kept in their basement.

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What is another word for gimp?

Gimp Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for gimp?

limp hobble
shuffle claudication
hirple lameness
shamble stagger
stumble totter

What does gimp mean in gaming?

Gimp is a slang term, adapted for use in game terms from the slang word gimp, meaning to walk with a limp or be a person with limited use of their leg/legs. A player whose gear is far below their level, or whose gear is useless to them, is said to be gimped.