What is XMP in Lightroom?

XMP Files (Extensible Metadata Platform files) hold the image metadata of your photo. When you make any changes to your photo in Lightroom or Photoshop, they are written into the XMP file. These files are used to remember image adjustments and save the editing information applied to a photo.

What is an XMP file in Lightroom?

An XMP file is a sidecar or additional file that contains the metadata to a raw image. When Lightroom makes changes to a raw file, the raw file itself remains unchanged. A sidecar file is created to tell editing programs what has changed in the image.

How do I use XMP in Lightroom?

Installing the . xmp format as a folder?

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Go to Lightroom in your main menu and hit Preferences.
  3. Click on Show Lightroom Develop Presets in the Preferences Menu.
  4. Paste your Preset Folder containing the .xmp files into Settings.
  5. Restart Lightroom and enjoy your Presets.

Does XMP work in Lightroom?

XMP presets – These are the newest preset file format and they are the easiest and fastest to install. They are used with paid subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud and are compatible with desktop versions of Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop CC. They are also compatible with the Lightroom mobile app.

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Do I need XMP files?

1 Answer. Sure, if your picture is exported in JPEG, it’s safe to do whatever you want on the RAW source. XMP files are just an archived history of the processing stages on the RAW file (settings and parameters used), it has nothing to do with the exported JPEG. However, I would not recommend to delete the XMP files.

What do I do with an XMP file?

In photography, specifically in post-processing and editing, XMP Data is the data standard for Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform. In XMP enabled applications photographers and editors are able to embed metadata directly into popular image file formats such as JPEG files.

How do I turn off XMP in Lightroom?

Under the ‘Metadata’tab you’ll find the option that you can click on and off. This option automatically saves any changes you make to a RAW file in Lightroom (basic adjustments, crop, B&W conversion, sharpening etc) into the XMP sidecar files that are saved right next to the original RAW files.

Where do XMP files go?

You can find your XMP files as presets in Photoshop by heading to the same place as above: Filter > Camera Raw Filter. In the Camera Raw window, click the presets icon, second from the bottom on the toolbar on the right.

How do I download XMP presets to Lightroom CC?

Importing XMP presets in Adobe Lightroom CC

Open up Lightroom and navigate to the Develop page. On the left sidebar find the Presets tab. Once located click the + icon then select Import Preset. Use the new window that pops up to navigate on your computer’s C Drive to the preset file you want, and simply click Import.

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How do I use XMP presets in Lightroom mobile?


  1. Open the Lightroom App in your Android device.
  2. Go to the Edit settings by choosing any photo.
  3. Click on Presets.
  4. Click on the vertical ellipsis to open the preset settings.
  5. Click on Import Presets.
  6. Choose your preset file. The files should be a compressed ZIP file package or individual XMP files.

What is the difference between XMP and LRTemplate?

LRTemplate presets work by changing your develop settings. Often, they overwrite your existing edits. With XMP presets, you’ll sometimes notice that it can do this without changing any of your settings. Unlike LRTemplate presets, XMP presets are safe to use even after making edits to your photo.

How do I install noble presets?

Noble Mobile is compatible with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App for iPhone and Android devices.

  1. Install your new presets on the FREE Lightroom Mobile App.
  2. Select an image to edit.
  3. Apply your favorite Noble Mobile Preset.
  4. Adjust your exposure and warmth as needed.
  5. Export and Share!

What happens if you delete an XMP file?

You can delete the . XMP file and rest assured that the . JPG file will not be affected.

What opens XMP files?

Adobe software.

If you use paid versions of Adobe, you can open and edit XMP files in such programs as Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Prelude and Adobe XMP Toolkit.

Where are Lightroom XMP files stored?

It is saving the . xmp files in a database which are stored in C:Users<username>AppDataLocalAdobeLightroom CCData1cb3b4e40800479eadc0593254c63df5.